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W tym outficie użyłam nietypowych dodatków - kapelusza mojej prababci oraz torebki w stylu oksfordzkim. --- V tomto outficie jsem použila neobvyklé doplňky - klobouky moje prababička a tašky oxford stylu. ---- In this outficie I used unusual accessories - hats my great-grandmother and handbags in the Oxford style.

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34 příspěvků 7.2.17 09:14

No a přesně sem to vede. Dva stejné outfity za sebou. Oba bez debat hezké, ale to se fakt musíme oblíkat všichni stejně, aby to na módním pekle „prošlo“?

2040 příspěvků 7.2.17 21:00

Obavam se, ze tento outfit je uplne nekde jinde nez ten predchozi. A ano nekam to vede, protoze z tohoto outfitu jsem si schopna neco pro sebe vzit, z toho predchoziho nic, protoze me nezaujal. A minim tim posledni 2 inspirace od 2 ruznych uzivatelek.

65 příspěvků 7.2.17 22:38

Nie wiem o czym piszecie :((. Nie potrafię zrozumieć sensu tych komentarzy, pomimo że użyłam dwóch różnych translatorów (google i yandex). Zrobiłam coś źle? Nie podoba się? Jeśli to nic ważnego dla mnie, to nie róbcie sobie kłopotu i nie tłumaczcie mi :)

Honestly, I dont know what the point ;((. I cant understand sense of those 2 comments, despite I used 2 different translators (yandex and google). Outfit is no fine? I did sth wrong? If this matter is no important, please dont bother (and dont translate me), forget about this :)

2040 příspěvků 8.2.17 09:40

Well, it is perfect. I only explain to Makinka : when 2 people do the same things the result might be different.
And also I wrote there that your outfit is pretty good and it inspires me, but the outfit from the other one it is not inspiring.

Please, keep your track. Your outfits are very good. I can write in Polish, but I understand this language and speak a little, but my written Polish in unreadable.

65 příspěvků 8.2.17 10:20

Thanks for translate!
Uff, Ok, I thought that maybe I made sth wrong. I am glad that everything is OK :)

34 příspěvků 10.2.17 13:35

You did absolutely nothing wrong, I liked your outfit very much indeed. My point was, that the selection in Modnipeklo is getting more and more narrow. There were two similar outfits in a row, same colloring and basic wardrobe pieces. The accessoring was different though. I cannot help myself but compare the gallery from the very beginning of this blog. Over time, this blog got more and more selective and gallery less and less inspiring to broader „audience“. Nowadays there are majority of fashion bloggers like yourself, whose pictures are almost professional and ad-like. If the quality of a picture is lower, if the model doesn't assume the correct model-like position, if the outfit is not perfectly slick to every detail, people in comments will call it „ugly“. That scares away everybody with different than preferred style. Now don't get me wrong, I love your style, it suits you very much and I'm glad you post your pictures here. Also always liked smaller brands only available in Poland and I wish I could buy some of the clothes here. My point is, that Modnipeklo shifted from fashion in a sense that is close to me - trying new, different things eclectically, searching for new ideas and taking things with certain lightness of heart - to undeniable uniformity. Slick, goodlooking uniformity, but uniformity nontheless. Now I could just shrug my shoulders and move on, but honestly, I don't know any other czech blog, that would do what Modnipeklo used to. If you visit someones fashion blog, of course the person has their own style and it's fine. And you just find that one special blog that fits your needs. But there is nothing that would introduce us to wider reality anymore and I dearly miss it.

65 příspěvků 10.2.17 20:01

Probably I didn't pay attention of outfit selection on Modnipeklo, because I like elegant and classic style, and here it is. So, for me it is OK. But maybe there is a problem with really good readers outfits in different styles. There are two section - Inspirace and Vaše outfity - and I think that admin try to choose the best outfits for Inspirace, but „unfortunately“ the best ones is mostly in classic elegant style. It is not her/his foult.
Sometimes on my blog I present outfits in different style (more casual or extravagant), but honestly I afraid publish it on Modnipeklo :) Reason? First of all - readers may complain (You know, classic is more safe option, it is timeless), second (and honestly) - admin may select my outfit to „Vaše outfity“ not „Inspirace“ :) (I am stupid that I write what I think, I know). Ok, but I will try do it in future! And honestly (again) - sometimes I affraid that Czech readers may think „What are You doing here? Get lost to Polish websites“. I do not want to abuse of welcoming Modnipeklo and therefore do not publish too much :)

34 příspěvků 12.2.17 08:08

I don't believe you need to change your style or switch styles more often. As I said before, it's absolutely fine and only natural if one blogger has his or her own style. The matter of discussion is exactly what you described - if you don't dress elegant, you might not get chosen. To me this approach (not yours, but admins - and let's be honest, admins do what they think people'll like) is in contradiction to the very idea of fashion. It's like saying „Chanel rocks, Westwood sucks.“

173 příspěvků 8.2.17 07:57

Jaká je v tom inspirace?

2040 příspěvků 8.2.17 09:46

Napr. v tom, jak elegantne a jednoduse oblect zenu. Na rozdil od mnohych blogerek je tento outfit je promysleny a koresponduje dohromady. Neni to stylem vidim v casopisu, zajdu do obchodu a oblecu se a vyfotim se. Je to styl zeny, ktera vi, co si muze dovolit a co ne. A umi si hrat s modou a satnikem.

E. g. in how simply and elegantly dressed woman. As opposed to many bloggers this outfit is a thoughtful and corresponds together. It's not the style you see in magazines, I go to the store and get dressed and take a photo with. It's a style of woman who knows what you can afford and what is not. And knows how to play with fashion and wardrobe.

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65 příspěvků 8.2.17 10:37

Nie lubię bronić/tłumaczyć swojego outfitu. Jeśli komuś się nie podoba, trudno, w końcu są różni ludzie i różne gusta i trzeba to uszanować (a nawet cieszyć się z tego, że tak się różnimy). Dobry outfit broni się sam, nie trzeba mu słów i wyjaśnień, przeciez nikt nie chodzi po ulicach i nie krzyczy: "Moje ubranie jest fajne ponieważ (…) " :)

I don't want to protect/explain my outfit by the words. Outfit should protect itself, without any explanations. If somebody say „I dont like it“ or „It is no inspiring“, OK I understand, there are different fashion teste (it is natural, and just it is cool that there are different people and different styles/teste…), my words wont change it :)

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